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Father and Men Conference is part of the Crossing the Bridge ministry that is led by Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Sr, Robert  Williams and Tom Kulikowski of Churches Outreach Network.  Crossing the Bridge strives to answer the question, “What do fathers need to be successful parents and contributing family members?”  Crossing the Bridge takes a holistic approach to strengthening fathers and helping them overcome obstacles with a range of education, services and support that includes:

  • A comprehensive fatherhood program to teach the essentials of responsible fatherhood.
  • Employment coaching to help dads get jobs or find better paying jobs
  • Help navigating the child support system
  • Guidance on establishing paternity, visitation, and other legal issues
  • Peer group sessions that provide fathers a safe space to talk and support each other.
  • Referrals for help with complex problems
  • Mediation with the child’s mother and other family members
  • Access to men’s healthcare education, screenings, and referrals
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Ongoing connection with an experienced, supportive program staff
  • Unique programs like Jobs Not Jail, a way to catch up on child support obligations that is a successful alternative to incarceration

Many fathers face chronic health conditions and untreated problems, because they can’t afford treatment or don’t trust healthcare providers.  Some services Crossing the Bridge provides are as follows:

  • health education
  • screenings
  • individualized treatment
  • referrals for specialized treatment from other local healthcare providers

The Father and Men Conference is a way to connect men, cast vision for godly fatherhood, and encourage and equip them to grow and become better men.